.......for a taste of the real France!

The property stands on a total plot of just under two acres, including a large meadow, and all the gardens are south-facing.  The lawned area of the garden is an ideal place for children to play and there are badminton and Swingball sets available. There is a surfeit of fruit right throughout the year and guests are welcome to pick our peaches, apricots, plums, mirabelles, cherries, mulberries, dessert grapes and figs to eat as they become ripe.  We have provided seating in various spots around the gardens to suit every mood. There are sociable groups of tables and chairs in sun and in shade, plus a variety of benches and chairs placed in quieter nooks and crannies and under overhanging trees for those seeking that precious moment to simply "stop and stare". A comfortable bench under the kitchen window provides a spot on the west side of the house from whence to sit, at end of day, and sip a glass of wine whilst enjoying the fabulous year-round sunsets. The Mulberry tree has been lovingly trained over the past decade to form a beautiful shady "umbrella" over the picnic table and benches and the dining table under the Walnut tree does away with the need for a parasol. For the fairer skinned there are parasols and a gazebo by the pool, a covered west-facing terrace and a wind-out awning over the back door. We provide a family sized charcoal barbecue, but the charcoal is not supplied.  Bicycles are available for hire locally and can be booked for you in advance, and delivered to the house, should you so desire, enabling you to faire du vĂ©lo en famille, or simply to pop down to the boulangerie  for the morning croissants and bread without relying on the car.

The top of the garden is almost all laid to grass.

The hydrangeas having grown to window-ledge height, the picnic table and benches shown have been moved under the "umbrella" of  the Mulberry tree and a long bench now sits invitingly under the kitchen window.

The lawned part of the garden is over 200 feet long to the south and about the same towards the east.